We can all agree that the retail sales world is changing, with online purchasing continuing to grow by leaps and bounds while traditional and expensive brick and mortar stores, even entire malls, are struggling.  In keeping up with 21st Century trends, we have networked with online resources to provide an online catalog of equipment for all of your diving needs. Industry statistics indicate that almost all divers do online research before making a purchase, and ultimately end up purchasing some or all of their equipment online.  Rather than try to ignore or fight this trend, we, as divers, have developed resources for your purchases.  When we find good shopping resources, we will always share those with you and use group buying power to get you the best possible pricing.  It’s simple.  Just the way you like it..

Just fill out the sign-up form below, and we’ll send you a loyalty card to use at our online resource to meet your diving equipment needs.

Do you have a specific piece of equipment you’re looking for?  Let us know on the contact page what you’re looking for, and let us find out if we can get you that gear for a little less than you’d ordinarily expect to pay!

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