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Our classes are PADI classes and adhere to the training standards published by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  The reality is that all instructors must meet the same standards in how they conduct classes.  We’ve found a professional presentation and thorough understanding of the educational system is the key to producing competent divers.  That’s one more thing that sets us apart from many in our field.  We continually interact with PADI to keep improving our knowledge of the system we teach from.  You’ll probably agree that having instructors who are always learning and improving the craft of teaching is a refreshing approach in a world already crowded with “experts”.


There’s just as much confusion out there about equipment as there is about education.  We have a simple all-inclusive pricing structure that gives you everything you’ll need.  For each level of scuba diving education, you’ll need some equipment to successfully complete the course.  People have often remarked to us that they felt compelled by a dive store to make equipment purchases they weren’t ready for. We avoid that.  Don’t misunderstand, when you become a diver there is ALWAYS more gear to buy.  You just don’t have to do it all at once and all the choices should be yours, when you’re ready.

When you’re ready to purchase equipment, we can counsel or advise, but we don’t sell equipment.  We’re your coaches and hope to be the people you go diving with.  A brick and mortar retail establishment is something that ultimately you will be paying for and that’s not how we feel scuba education should be approached

Open Water Package – $999.00

Includes the following:

  • All educational materials (traditional books or online training – it’s your diving and your choice!)
  • Classroom and pool sessions to introduce and build skills in the areas stressed by your student crewpak and video (or online learning)
  • Open water certification dives
  • Entry fees at the Open Water Destination (the Crater in Utah)
  • Name brand dive computer (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Mask, fins and snorkel (you also read that correctly)
  • Underwater Compass (you also read that correctly)

(The computer, mask, fins, snorkel, boots and compass package generally costs upwards of $600.00)

Additionally, if you enroll in our Open Water Certification class with Northern Colorado Scuba Divers, there are significant discounts available on regulator sets and BCD’s.  We feel that you should eventually have these, and have arranged a very competitive price point for these if purchased through us from Diver’s Supply.  This offer has no expiration date as long as you’ve taken the Open Water Certification class through us.


Already have your open water dives planned at a vacation destination?  No problem…. In our package price, we’ll make all of those arrangements for you, get in touch with your destination professionals, and your package price will cover the cost of your open water dives at that destination up to a cost of $200.00, and we’ll take care of all of the training records and get you your certification card when you get back!

Advanced Open Water Package – $450

Includes the following:

  • All Educational Materials
  • Deep Adventure Dive
  • Altitude Adventure Dive
  • Night Adventure Dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Clinic
  • Search and Recovery Adventure Dive
  • Nitrox Enriched Air Specialty Course
  • Equipment:
    • SMB
    • Night diving light set
    • Lift Bag

Rescue Diver Package – $450

Includes the following:

  • EFR certification
  • Classroom review of all academic materials and the philosophy of being a rescue diver
  • Pool session to learn and integrate skills and perspectives of being a rescue diver
  • Open water dives
  • Search and Recovery Specialty Course

Call for the costs, times and availability of our professional level courses, and learn about our network for building competent dive professionals.

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